Adama's shin guards are by far the most comfortable shin guards you will ever wear.


The material

The material in them is 80% polyester which is very light, water repellent and also has the property of keeping you warm when it's cold and cooling the calf/shin when it's hot.

The remaining 20% ​​is spandex. This is so that the shin guard is elastic and fits your leg.

There is a silicone strip on the inside of the top of the shin guards. This is because the protection must stay in place during use.

The protective pads consist of a foam that is distributed over your entire shin without taking away mobility and feeling.



Size Length Upper Circumf. Lower Circumf.
S 28 cm 24-30 cm 14-16 cm
M 29 cm 26-32 cm 16-19 cm
L 30 cm 28-34 cm 18-21 cm
XL 31 cm 30-39 cm 20-23 cm
XXL 32 cm 34-41 cm 22-25 cm


Areas of use

The advantage of Adama's leg protection is that it has endless areas of use. It doesn't just have to be for the elite athlete, but also for the exerciser or even as protection in a workplace.

Suitable sports, exercise and workplaces:

Football Indoor basketball
Cycling Orientation
Basketball Tennis
Athletics Field hockey
Skateboard Baseball / Softball
Gymnastics Handball
Craftsman Forest work
Warehouse Worker And many more...