Football shin guards

The Adamas football shin guards are unique. These shin guards are among the lightest shin guards on the market with their 25 grams per guard. This makes them suitable for both children and adults, amateurs or professionals. The protectors consist of several smaller pieces that make them follow your leg completely. When you receive a blow to your leg, the protector adapts to how hard the pressure is - the harder the blow, the more compact and harder the protector becomes.

Football shin guards for kids

Many children and young people suffer from sensitive skin that is made worse by sweaty, non-breathable shin pads. This is why many of Adamas shippers have completely eliminated problems such as rashes and eczema after switching to our shin guards. This is due to the sock that our pads are sewn into. They consist of polyester and nylon, which together create the amazing ability to regulate the temperature of the leg. So it releases heat when it is warm and absorbs it when it is cold.

Lightweight shin guards with many benefits

In addition to the benefits such as perfect fit, prevention of rashes/eczema etc. Adamas leg protection has a lot of good properties.

  • The sock increases blood circulation in the leg and thus reduces the risk of cramps and injuries.
  • There is a silicone strip on the inside of the shin guard that keeps the protection in place at all times.
  • The weight of the protection means you won't notice it.
  • Can be washed at 30 degrees.
  • No more taping

Best-in-test shin guards

Our shin guards received the highest rating from the independent comparison site With a 9.3/10 rating, they thought our shin guards provided complete protection, had good comfort, good design and that we had overall exceeded their expectations of what a pair of shin guards should be.