About Adamas

What is Adamas?
Adamas means diamond in Latin. The idea behind the name is that our products should be durable, elegant and something you are proud to wear.
A prerequisite for you to wear Adamas with pride is that the quality and function of our products meet your expectations and more.


“Pride – For All Building Bridges”


Our philosophy
As old athletes, we know how good products look and how they should feel. These shin guards, socks or other articles with us must therefore be available to everyone. You shouldn't have to be an elite athlete just to be able to wear gear that is fantastically comfortable. You should just want that extra quality to sprinkle on your winning attitude.


Who is Adamas for?
Everyone! Really everyone. Are you an elite athlete or an amateur player? Our products are suitable for both children and adults. Hey, girls and boys. Yes again, everyone! No matter what your social situation looks like, what beautiful color you have on your skin or who you put your love on, Adamas is there for you!


The people behind Adamas
Behind Adamas are two people - Philip Hjelmberg and John Aronsson. These two people have extensive experience in sports. There have been skates that have been laced, air guns have been loaded, balls have been kicked, thrown and even shot.
It is also through his own practice of a dozen or so sports, that the knowledge of good equipment has grown - to Adamas .


We are proud of Adamas - but even more proud of everyone who chooses Adamas.